CBSE Schools Near Me

Many parents often ask “What is the best CBSE school in my area?” This is a very important question that you must answer carefully. Choosing the right school will help you plan a successful educational life for your children and start them on the path towards a successful career. It is also a way to find out which school will be most suitable for your child’s interests and needs. Follow the link to know about Play Schools Near Me.

cbse schools near me

Find CBSE Schools Near Me

Navkis School

Located in Mysuru, Karnataka, the Navkis School is an English medium CBSE school with classes from Nursery/KG to XII. The school has an excellent reputation for developing students holistically and strives to be the best. Its unique educational system promotes self-confidence, good conduct, moral values, and social capacity. It also focuses on the arts and crafts, sports, and dance and drama.

When searching for a CBSE school near me, you will want to look at the distance from the school. You can use various filters to narrow down the schools that are within a certain distance. Some schools are nearer than others, and some are farther. Justdial is one of the best places to search for CBSE schools. You can also choose from schools based on ratings and distance.

There are many benefits of choosing a CBSE school. Students can choose optional subjects that interest them. In addition, students will be taught in various teaching styles. Some schools use modern technology to deliver instruction, while others use more traditional teaching methods. The result is a well-rounded education for your child.

CBSE schools are well known for delivering quality education. Students attending these schools are exposed to a wide range of activities and facilities. Teachers at CBSE schools are committed to encouraging individual growth. They also employ experienced teachers who are passionate about the subject matter they teach.

Army Public School Ahmedabad

Army Public School Ahmedabad is a co-educational senior secondary school in the city of Ahmedabad. It is a CBSE school, which offers English medium education to its students. It also offers various language programs. For further details, you can contact the management of the school.

To gain admission, a child must have studied for a minimum of 10 months in another APS or Army School. Depending on the standard of the previous academic year, the Principal may conduct an evaluation test. Admission Tests are held on the first working day of every week. The results are announced within 48 hours. If a child fails to score, a re-test may be conducted.

The school offers admission to classes I to XII. It was founded in 1992 and offers various facilities to its students. It has an admission policy for the children of serving/retired military personnel, civilians paid out of the Defence Estimates, paramilitary forces, Coast Guard, GREF, MES, TA (when not embodied), and other children.

The school offers students a dynamic learning environment and a core faculty committed to the development of their potential. Students enjoy well-equipped computer laboratories, science and math laboratories, and a well-stocked library. The school also provides transportation for students to get to school. Apart from academics, the school offers sports facilities, exhibitions, workshops, and more.

Army Public School Ahmedabad is one of the best CBSE schools in the city. It has a long history of providing a top-notch education and has won numerous awards for its students. The school also boasts a strong faculty and alumni network.

National Hill View Public School

National Hill View public school is a CBSEE school in India that was established in June 2001. It aims to give its students a balanced and unique learning experience. Its philosophy is to create a healthy learning environment that encourages children to develop a spirit of exploration. This is achieved through a holistic and integrated interdisciplinary approach. The school provides a high quality education that fosters an enthusiasm for learning and success in higher learning.

The School follows the CBSE syllabus and has an enviable reputation for academic excellence. Its curriculum is innovative, challenging, and flexible. The school believes in inculcating civic values and integrates community awareness into the curriculum. It is also gender-inclusive, ensuring that every child receives the best possible education. Applicants will be assessed through aptitude tests and merit-based admissions.

National Hill View Public School in Bangalore offers a comprehensive education to both boys and girls. The school offers a co-educational environment for children in kindergarten to high school. The school is part of the Golden Learning Triangle and follows a creative curriculum based on the CBSE standards. It also has a flexible learning environment to meet the ever-changing needs of its students.

The school has CCTVs on campus, and constant interaction with the school community about safety. Children are escorted around the campus and on school trips. The school also provides transportation. If a child is missing from school, they can be picked up from nearby schools.

Podar International School

If you are looking for a CBSE school near me, Podar International School is a good option for your child. This CBSE school in Mumbai is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. The school is co-ed and managed by the Podar Education Trust. It offers a challenging yet supportive environment. The school offers a unique combination of academics and extracurricular activities.

The school has over 200 branches across India. It teaches primary and secondary students in English and Hindi. The school also offers students the opportunity to learn Sanskrit, Gujarati, Urdu, and Bengali. It has a long history of academic and cultural achievements.

The school offers state-of-the-art facilities for learning. It features air-conditioned classrooms, computer labs, and a large library. It also offers specialized spaces for music and dance. Its campus also has an auditorium and a sports ground.

If you live in India and are looking for a CBSE school near me, Mumbai has plenty of choices. The city has some of the best CBSE schools. Many of them promote child-centered learning. These schools use state-of-the-art infrastructure and experienced faculty to ensure that students develop their skills and learn in an environment that is both stimulating and inspiring.

Admissions to the school are strictly based on merit. The application process is simple and straightforward. After submitting the application form, parents are provided with appointment details. Parents are required to take a baseline assessment test before their child is admitted. The school also provides transport facilities. Admissions generally begin in February/March.

Students at the Blueberry International School excel academically and socially. The school was recently awarded a Green School Award – Gold Category by the Climate Reality Project India. The school works to educate its students about the environment and how it impacts their lives. The school offers students different tours so that they can explore, socialize, and learn.

The school offers education from kindergarten to class twelve. Its philosophy focuses on the holistic development of the student. It combines academics and extracurricular activities, enabling them to grow into independent, confident individuals who are able to face the challenges of their world. This CBSE school near me in India offers a unique learning environment with dedicated teachers.