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If you want to get your kids to a good school, then you can search for SSC schools near you. There are many good schools in India that offer education and have good facilities. You can look up for schools that offer the ICSE, NIOS, or CBSE.

ssc schools near me

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ICSE schools are well known for their comprehensive syllabus. They impart analytical and practical skills. The curriculum is well researched and well structured. It is also helpful to students as it helps to improve their management skills.

Several ICSE schools are in Bangalore. One can compare them to get a better idea of which one to choose. Skoodos is a good platform to look for the best ICSE schools. You can compare the reviews of these schools, their fees and their admission process.

One of the oldest schools in Bangalore, FAPS is a top ICSE board school in the city. It has a well-equipped and spacious campus. Having roots dating back to 1967, it is committed to providing an all-round development of the child. Besides, it is very fair in its admission process.

Another ICSE board school in the city is the Primus Public School. It has a good infrastructure and offers community programs. Besides, it follows ICSE and ISC curricula.

In addition to being a top ICSE school in Bangalore, the Good Shepherd Christian School also emphasizes on sports, music, and other co-curricular activities. Also, its staff is supportive and encouraging.

The Chettinad Hari Shree Vidyalayam offers ICSE in grade II. Apart from that, it provides excellent learning environments and intellectually challenging learning activities.


If you are looking for the best CBSE schools in Bangalore, you have a lot of options. These schools are renowned for providing quality education to students.

They provide a variety of subjects and provide opportunities to excel in sports. In addition, they are equipped with infirmary, clean washrooms, and buildings in a suitable layout.

The curriculum for CBSE schools combines innovations in knowledge, pedagogy, and application. It is based on the National Curriculum Framework-2005. This system has become one of the most recognized in the country.

Moreover, these schools emphasize discipline and order. To ensure that the teachers and students are trained, these schools make sure to have qualified faculty members. Furthermore, they offer several training programs for teachers.

The results of the exam are announced at the end of May. During this time, the school also conducts a plethora of other activities. Some of these include the attendance ceremony, attending assemblies, and marching in parades.

Students in these schools are able to perform well in the exams. Besides, they are rewarded with scholarships. However, the future of their education lies in the hands of their teachers.

A student who has passed class 10 can apply for admission in the best CBSE schools in Bangalore. These schools also provide a range of scholarships based on merit.


The National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS) is a renowned Board of education in India. It is an open learning system that offers courses for all ages. There are NIOS Study Centres and sub-centres across the country. These centres are equipped with a range of facilities to help students achieve their academic goals.

The NIOS board is a centrally-recognized board in India. It is similar to the CBSE and CISCE boards in terms of curriculum. However, NIOS provides a wider range of subjects to students. They also offer vocational and skill education.

NIOS is the first open schooling board to offer the On-Demand Examination System at the Secondary and Senior Secondary level. This enables learners to appear in their own examinations, as per their preparation.

NIOS offers a number of subject combinations that will help learners prepare for their exams. Some of the options available include English, Maths, Economics, History, and Science. Students can choose to write their answers in any regional language that is recognized by the Constitution of India.

While preparing for the exam, NIOS candidates are also eligible for the Transfer of Credits facility. In this manner, they can gain marks from other boards.

Ravindra Bharathi Schools

Ravindra Bharathi Schools is an education brand owned by Ravindra Bharathi Educational Society. Its name is a nod to the legendary Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore, an educationist and philosopher. RBS schools are located in various parts of the country. The school has a very strong foundation in education and its flagship schools, the Global Schools are child-centric and technology-driven. They are a fusion of scientific, artistic, and architectural marvels.

One of the world’s largest and most successful education brands, the RBS is a proud recipient of several awards. Its alums include a number of Nobel Prize winners and a host of prestigious academicians and professional athletes. As a matter of fact, the company is considered a “one of the best” institutions in Andhra Pradesh.

The company boasts of a vast family of 70,000 students, making it one of the largest educational entities in the state. The global schools are spread across the country and offer curriculum that is ideally suited for the digital age. In addition, the RBS has been able to keep up with the fast-paced technological advances in the industry.

Founded in 1994, the Ravindra Bharathi School has come a long way in 23 years. With its unwavering focus on providing high-quality, affordable education, it has been able to grow to a sizeable student body of over 20,000.

All Saints’ High School

All Saints’ High School is one of the oldest and most prestigious schools in Hyderabad. It was founded in 1855. The school is co-ed, and it teaches students from lower Kindergarten to 10th grade. Students are encouraged to participate in various competitions at the district and national levels.

The school aims to nurture the whole individual and to develop a conscientious human resource. It emphasizes healthy competition, emotional maturity, and communication skills. This school also provides training in art and music.

The school has an outstanding academic record. In addition to academics, it emphasizes sports, community harmony, and tolerance.

The school is located in Gunfoundry, Hyderabad. It has an enrollment of around 3,500 students. Approximately half of the students study in the English medium. The other half primarily studies in Telugu. Currently, it is one of the top twenty elite schools in India.

All Saints’ High School is affiliated to the Andhra Pradesh Secondary School Certificate Board. It has a library with more than 5,000 books.

All Saints’ High School, Hyderabad offers an education from pre-kindergarten to matriculation. Students are given preference for admission if they score well in academics and sports.

The school is primarily a Catholic institution. Students are nourished with the love of Christ and learn to contribute to the nation. Several All Saints alumni have gone on to become distinguished members of the Hyderabad and global community.

Rosary Convent School

Rosary Convent School is an SSC school near me in India that aims to promote academic excellence. Its smart classrooms have projectors and digital boards to facilitate learning. The school is affiliated with the Telangana Board of Secondary Education. Aside from the syllabus, the school also encourages its students to participate in co-curricular activities.

Some of the activities that students can enjoy include gymnastics, dance, and music. The school has a well-equipped library. There is also an AV room with a sound system and an updated projector.

The school also has a Rose Wellness Room that offers first aid to students who become ill. They also have a computer lab, as well as a library that is equipped with a selection of books.

While visiting the school, you can meet with the Principal. He or she will answer your queries and also provide you with an admission offer. However, you will have to pay some fees to confirm your admission.

As an SSC school, Rosary Convent High School prepares students for the Matriculation Examination. Apart from the main course, the school also offers training in arts and crafts, sports, and moral science.

The best part of this school is that it offers a well-rounded education. It lays a strong foundation for the students’ future. Children learn through the guidance of their teachers and peers.

Kudilal Govindram Seksaria Sarvodaya School

The Secondary School Certificate, or SSC, is a public examination for students who are studying in classes 9 and 10. Students can take two board examinations. Usually, the exams are held in March and April.

There are two main boards in India. These are the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and the Indian School Certificate (ICSE). ICSE is a standardized, rational approach to learning. Generally, it is followed by private and public schools in India. However, it is also available in Bangladesh and Pakistan.

CBSE is the oldest and the most popular education board in the country. It has a national syllabus. This syllabus is easy to understand and gives a complete picture of general knowledge. In addition, it offers subjects in science, humanities, and arts.

The IB education board is also a preferred choice among parents who want their children to study abroad. The board is administered in around 3500 schools across the world. Moreover, it focuses on critical thinking skills, vocabulary, and interconnected topics.

Billabong High International School, Thane, is a franchise school of Kangaroo Kids Education Limited. This school has been established by the Goenka family. It offers a comprehensive education and a global outlook.