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When it comes to finding primary schools near me in India, there are many different factors that you need to consider. The first thing to consider is the type of education available. In India, primary education is free, and there is a focus on academics. Private schools are limited and often competitive, so it’s important to find the right school for your child.

A good school should focus on broad-based learning to help children develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, and linguistically. It should also provide time for play and entertainment, as they go hand-in-hand with learning. You can find this kind of educational experience at several primary schools in India, including Blue Bells School for Integrated Learning in Gurugram. To see Montessori Schools Near Me follow the link.

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St. Patrick’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School

Established in Chennai in 1875, St. Patrick’s Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School was originally set up to educate the sons of British settlers in Madras. Now, it offers higher education in the city of Chennai. Today, the school has over 1,200 students and offers a broad range of academic courses.

The school is located close to the Adyar River and is easily accessible by bus and MRTC rail stations. Previously, this school was called St. Patrick’s Nursery and Primary School. It is a co-educational, English-medium school that is part of the ICSE Board.

This century-old institution was originally set up by Irish Brothers to serve the sons of British settlers in Madras. Today, it is run by Patrician Brothers. The school has a reputation for providing top-quality education to its students. If you are considering attending this school for your child’s education, check out their website and get in touch with the school.

The school provides a parent and student handbook. These handbooks contain useful information about school life. Make sure you read it together with your child. Sign the page that corresponds to your child’s name so that the school can be sure to give you a copy.

St. Mary’s School

Located in Kolkata, India, St. Mary’s School was founded by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits) in 1864. The religious order was founded by St. Ignatius of Loyola in 1540. The school is located adjacent to St. Anne’s Church. It originally started as a Catholic orphanage for soldiers but later opened to the general populace. The school has since grown to include a senior school. In 1936, the school was opened to children of the Catholic community and Viceroy of India.

The school believes in holistic development, encouraging students to embrace the arts and sciences. It also offers a variety of extra-curricular activities and has professional coaches to help students develop their skills. It emphasizes learning through exploration and research. This focus on individual learning has resulted in a high achievement rate. In a recent ICSE board examination, 88 percent of students in the class of X achieved a score of 90 or above. The top scorer of the school scored 98 percent.

The school is divided into two sections, the Senior School (grades 5 and up) and the Junior School (grades 4 and below). There is a fully equipped medical room. The school also has three big generators to ensure a constant power supply. It is protected 24 hours a day by security guards and CCTV cameras. The school also has two computers for teaching and learning.

Despite the difficult conditions in the country, St. Mary’s School provides education and spiritual care for hundreds of children. Children in the school are taught Christian prayers and Gospel values. They also attend daily mass in the chapel. They pray the rosary five times a day.

Melissa Girardot, who received a BA from Purdue University, is the administrative assistant at St. Mary School. She also manages the SchoolSpeak program. Her interests include traveling and cooking. She has three children, one of whom is a student at St. Mary School. She also enjoys volunteering.

Pawar Public School

Pawar Public School is a primary school located in Mumbai, India. It is run by the Pawar Public Charitable Trust and offers English medium education. It is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination and follows the XSEED curriculum. The school also offers cultural activities like singing, dancing, and instrumental and vocal music training.

The Pawar Public School was founded in 2006. Its first branch was in Bhandup, Mumbai. Another one opened in Hadapsar, Pune. In June 2010, another one opened in Chandivali. In 2011, a fourth branch was opened in Hinjewadi, Pune. And in June 2015, a branch in Palava, Dombivali was established.

Pawar Public School is a co-educational day school. It is affiliated to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations and offers state-of-the-art academic facilities and well-trained teachers. Its mission is to provide a high-quality education to children and transform them into well-educated, cultured young men and women.

The Pawar Public School is run by the Pawar Public Charitable Trust in Mumbai. As a member of the Governing Body, Supriya S. Sule believes in the potential of every human being. She is determined to mould every child into a fully-rounded individual.

Pawar Public School is located in Kandivali West, Mumbai. It is a co-educational institution with over 5000 students. It offers educational services from Nursery to Class X. Its academic calendar starts in April or March. If you are looking for a primary school in Mumbai, Pawar Public School is one of the best options for your child. Its academic track record is superb.

DAV Public School

DAV Public School is a coed day school that serves hundreds of students. Established in 1886, DAV is an educational institution that has spread its wings throughout India and abroad. It is known for providing quality education and providing a safe environment for learning. The DAV chain of schools has more than 780 schools in India.

DAV Public School is affiliated with the CBSE board. It teaches students in English, Hindi, and Sanskrit. The school is located in Sector 8, Chandigarh. It was originally a nursery school. It is managed by the DAV College Managing Committee. The school aims to maintain the philosophy of Maharishi Dayanand.

The curriculum is designed to provide a strong foundation in moral and ethical education. It integrates new technologies with traditional methods to provide a complete education. It also teaches children about India’s rich cultural heritage. In addition to educating students about modern technologies, the DAV school also instills moral values in them.

DAV Public School is well-equipped with computer labs and spacious classrooms. The DAV Safilguda branch has a student population of 4000 students and 150 teachers. It is spread across 3.5 acres of land and is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education. Its teachers are highly experienced and child-friendly.

The school offers an excellent academic curriculum, which follows the CBSE curriculum. It also offers Hindi and Telugu as first and second languages. It aims to foster a global perspective while promoting universal brotherhood and it is also equipped with two libraries. The school library is equipped with over 20,000 books. The library is housed in a heritage wing and is accessible to all students, including senior students. Computers with restricted internet access are also available in the school libraries.