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Choosing a good IB school is essential, as it’s a great way to ensure your child’s education is both challenging and rewarding. I’ve researched a range of schools, so I can help you find one that’s right for you and your child. To see Swimming Schools Near Me follow the link.

IB Schools Near Me

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Indus International School, Bangalore

Founded in 2003, Indus International School, Bangalore is one of the top-ranking international schools in Bangalore. It is a co-ed school that accepts students from grades 6 to 12. The school is affiliated with the International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO), Geneva, and offers students a secondary IB curriculum.

The school is rated A+ by the education portal, Education World. It was also awarded a School of National Excellence by a national jury based on Big Data.

The school offers a variety of facilities to its students. The indoor sports complex houses an indoor-stadium, basketball court, and swimming pool. The outdoor sports complex has an outdoor track and field stadium. Other facilities include tennis courts, horse riding arena, practice fields for football, and gymnastics.

The school is also known for its innovative curriculum. Its Primary Years Program (PYP) emphasizes inquiry-based learning. The Middle School Program (MS) is designed for students in grades 11 and 16. It focuses on intellectual development.

The school also has a very well maintained sports complex. It includes four badminton courts, an outdoor track and field stadium, and an indoor sports complex. There are also practice fields for cricket.

Indus International School is run by Indus Trust. It is a group of members from the IT and real estate sectors and it is one of the top-ranked international schools in India.

It has an impressive list of faculty members. The school has over 160 employees. They include a principal, assistant principals, administrative staff, teachers, and administrators. They also provide in-house training for teachers.

The school’s IT structure provides students with access to information through a library. It also has a computer lab and classrooms that are equipped with projection systems and smartboards. Students are also provided with laptops from class VI onwards.

The school has a strong sense of social responsibility and respect for cultural diversity. It also promotes a sense of community. The school hosts an annual Eagle Cup tournament for students. It also has a Parental Advisory Committee.

The school is ranked as one of the top-ten Day-cum-boarding International Schools in India by Education World. It also ranks among the top-ten Day-cum-boarding schools in Bangalore.

Pathways Group Of Schools

Located in India, Pathways Group of Schools is a collection of international schools offering a variety of educational programs. These include International Baccalaureate programs, Middle Years programs, Pre-Primary programs, and K-12 programs.

Located in Gurgaon, Pathways School Gurgaon has been launched in 2010. It is a day school, offering IB programs to international students aged three to 18. The school has an excellent academic and sporting infrastructure.

In addition to ICSE, Pathways School also offers the full IB to local students. Its curriculum is designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity and enhance opportunities for the arts. The school encourages an international mindset. Its students come from over 35 countries.

The IB program is more challenging than the ICSE curriculum. It also places a stronger emphasis on “how to learn”. It teaches students how to trust the world and learn to ask the right questions.

Pathways School Gurgaon provides a unique curriculum, challenging students to achieve their full potential. It is one of the first IB schools in North India. The campus features modern architecture and world class facilities. The school also offers an excellent sports complex.

The International Baccalaureate is a global educational initiative designed to provide a well-rounded education. Its curriculum includes the Primary Years Programme (PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), and the Diploma Programme (DP). Students also have the option of studying some Advanced Placement courses at the Mercedes-Benz International School. The school offers its students an Internet facility for research.

The IB program is offered in more than 400 schools throughout India. Some popular IB schools include The Doon School, The British School, Greenwood High & Oakridge School, Pathways Global School, and Dhirubhai Ambani International School.

The IB program aims to prepare students for success in college. Pathways offers a full IB to local students, but also encourages an International Award for Young People (IAYP) program for international students. The school encourages students to complete an Extended Essay.

The school has a wide collection of books. It also offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (DP) in years 12 and 13. The school has been awarded a GRIHA five star rating for its environmentally friendly building practices.


Whether you are looking for an International School, College or an International Curriculum, EISB schools in India are sure to cater to your needs. The EISB curriculum has been designed to promote the holistic development of children, preparing them for the challenges of the modern world.

As a result, the students become well-rounded individuals with good values and a sense of social responsibility. The teachers at EISB are passionate about bringing out the best in the students. The teachers also use technology to enhance the teaching process.

In addition to providing a holistic learning experience, EISB also emphasizes sports and extra-curricular activities. Sports inculcates a spirit of competition and teamwork. The school also offers a Sports Scholarship Program. New and existing students who have participated in sports at the national or international level can receive this scholarship.

The buildings of the EISB school in India are aesthetically designed to meet the needs of students. They are located near the central courtyards and beautiful gardens. They are also ergonomically designed and cater to the tastes of students.

The school also teaches students to celebrate diversity. Through a wide variety of activities, EISB students learn about different cultures and topics. They also participate in field trips and movie outings. The faculty at EISB also teaches conflict resolution and emotional development from primary grades.

The school also has a robotics studio. Moreover, it has a swimming pool with international standards. The school also has a library and meditation hall. Lastly, it has boarding facilities for girls.

The school also has an excellent student teacher ratio. This means that teachers are always available to assist students. They also provide the best quality food for the students. This ensures that the students develop healthy eating habits.

The campus of the Sports School is located outside Bangalore. It is a private institution. It is affiliated to the CBSE curriculum and has a boarding facility. The school has also developed a curriculum to teach students to balance sports and academics.

The school also has a College Counseling program. This program helps parents to learn more about their children’s future. This program also educates students about the college life.


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