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If you’re looking for the good schools near me for your child, there are many choices for you to consider. You can choose ICSE or IB. The Ministry of HRD maintains a website that lists schools by performance and quality. You can also look for an asterisk if the school offers IB or the ISCE curriculum. You can also use the School Scorecard to see the scores of various schools in your area. To see Blind Schools Near Me follow the link.

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Some good ICSE good schools in India have been in operation for many years. One such institution, FAPS, in Bangalore, dates back to 1967. Its philosophy is to shape a child’s destiny in a fun-filled environment. The school boasts a state-of-the-art campus, an exemplary library, and fully equipped laboratories. The school’s admission process is fair and teachers are experienced.

This school is a model of inclusiveness. It provides world-class education to students from all backgrounds. It recognizes the merits of each student and offers financial assistance to needy students. The school offers a well-rounded education that includes sports, community service, and self-development. Its school calendar is full of competitions, activities, and clubs.

ICSE is a highly regarded board of education in India. The curriculum, marking scheme, and progressive evaluation criteria are among the best in the world. As a result, a number of top schools in India are affiliated with this board. However, this does not mean that CBSE is better than ICSE.

There are many boards in India. Each board has its own significance and functions. Each state follows a different syllabus and has different educational strategies and ranking criteria. The focus is often on state-level subjects and interests. The syllabus is similar to the CBSE syllabus. But there are a few differences.

ICSE is more accepted in foreign lands, but CBSE is more widely accepted here. Moreover, students with an ICSE certificate are more likely to get a better chance of admission at foreign schools and universities. It is a popular choice among parents in professions that involve transfers. Additionally, the CBSE is followed by the vast majority of schools in India. This means that students from many different cities can apply for admission.

If you’re looking for good schools in India, ICSE is an excellent choice. However, you’ll need to consider the costs and schedule of the school. Some schools are better suited for children with a lower income. In these cases, a private school might be your best bet.

Anubhuti School was founded in 2007, and today has classes from Class 5 to Class 12. It is a residential, co-educational school and excels in academics, environmental awareness, and co-curricular activities. Located in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, the school educates students from all over North India.


If you’re looking for the best schools that offer the IB Diploma, India has more than enough to choose from. The program offers a rigorous high school curriculum that is ideal for the growing population of international families. In fact, India has 148 schools that use the IB curriculum. Here’s a look at the top 10 IB schools in the country.

Amity Global School – Founded in 2008, Amity Global School is one of the top IB schools in India. Its mission is to create global citizens and promote a culture of respect. The school offers a safe and supportive environment for children and a balanced academic and extracurricular curriculum.

India’s rapidly growing economy has increased demand for private international education. The IB World Schools Yearbook is a great resource for finding schools that offer the IB programme. The yearbook has a comprehensive list of schools that offer the four IB programmes. You can also use search filters to look for specific programmes.

IB curriculum teaches students to think critically and creatively. They are also expected to do extensive research and write lengthy reports. As a result, students in IB good schools in India become globally competent individuals. A high percentage of IB students are accepted into top universities around the world. These schools are among the best options for your child’s education.

The International Baccalaureate (IB) program was established in 1968. It comprises four distinct programs, the Primary Years Program (PK), the Middle Years Program (MYP), and the Diploma Program (for high school students). All of these programs emphasize the development of the creative mind in children and a focus on research and writing from a young age. More than 5300 schools worldwide have adopted the IB system of study. And over 1.4 million students are enrolled in an IB school.

As university admissions are becoming more competitive, the IB program is increasingly important. Admission officers are seeking additional proof of success. Not only does the IB enhance students’ academic performance, but it also develops students’ international outlook and social service. The IB program is a great choice, but it is a considerable investment. It can cost up to Rs 250,000 a year, but the IBO vigorously maintains that it is not elitist.

There are hundreds of IB good schools in India. Most of the larger cities, including New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bangalore, have a large concentration of international schools. Of these, more than 150 IB World Schools in India teach the Diploma Programme. Among these, the Scottish High International School in Gurugram educates more than 1600 IB students. In addition, the American School of Bombay offers the IB Diploma alongside a US high school diploma. Another school offering the IB diploma is the Greenwood High and Oakridge School in Bangalore.

American International School (AIS): AIES is a top international school in New Delhi, with day and boarding options. Its 5 acre campus offers a wide range of learning opportunities. The school follows the Cambridge Assessment International Education curriculum and offers the IB Diploma Programme. It is also affiliated with several international institutions and has college placement services for its graduates.

Ecole Mondiale World School: Another great school in Mumbai, Ecole Mondiale World School focuses on academic excellence and caring for students. It offers the full IB Diploma Programme and the Middle Years Programme, and is a unique option in India. It serves both the local expatriate community and the city’s diverse population. A notable feature of this school is the fact that it also offers English language classes for its students.

Lancers International School: An IB school in Gurgaon, Haryana, India, Lancers International School is an IB good school that offers both an IB program and traditional Indian values. Its curriculum emphasizes critical thinking and the importance of a global perspective. Moreover, the school has 26 clubs, including a Debating Society, Chess Club, and Arts Club.