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Choosing a Commerce Schools near me a very important decision if you are looking to get a job in a big company. However, it is not always easy to find the best school for you. There are several factors to consider such as whether you want to go for private or public schools, the cost of each school, and the number of students enrolled. Below are some tips to help you make the right choice.

commerce schools near me

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Navkis School

Navkis School is a name to be reckoned with. It has one of the best facilities in Bangalore with state of the art equipment and infrastructure. The quality of the teaching is also impeccable. Aside from academics, it also boasts of sports, games and a wide variety of extracurricular activities. So, if you are looking for a place to learn and play, Navkis is the best place to start your search. For a quality education in a reasonably priced setting, Navkis is the school to go to.

Navkis is a small, family run institution that has it all. It is a coeducational institution that boasts of a slick staff and state of the art facilities. Besides, it is affiliated with the prestigious CBSE board. Hence, if you are looking for a boarding school in Bangalore, Navkis is your one stop shop. Besides, Navkis is one of the leading institutions in the field of teaching.

Indian School of Commerce

The Indian School of Commerce is an initiative of the ISDC (International Skill Development Corporation) which is a registered UK based company promoting high-quality education and training to students and employees across the globe. Its flagship edifice is located in Hyderabad and a second campus is being planned in Mumbai. Aside from its core courses, the school offers a number of programs to cater to the professional demand.

Founded in 1996, the school was inspired by a need for a top-notch business school in Asia. To address the rising need for such an institution, ISDC seized the opportunity and enlisted the services of some of the best minds in the field. In 2001, the school made the jump to a new home in Hyderabad and has since expanded to the more metropolitan cities of Bangalore, Pune and Mohali.

The first and most important thing to understand about the Indian School of Commerce is that it is a non-traditional university. This means the school is not subject to the constraints of the Indian government. On the contrary, the school has its own merits. For example, the school has an advisory board of young Indian business tycoons.

The school has a number of world class facilities. These include a state-of-the-art sports complex with football and basketball fields, swimming pool and a fitness centre. Moreover, the school is also home to an excellent book store and a coffee shop. Not to mention the many offices dotted around the premises.

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the top-notch educational institution is a member of the prestigious ISDC Professional Education Network, which aims at expanding its horizons to include more than two million learners from around the globe.

Podar International School

PODAR INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a school located in the city of Nerul, Maharashtra. The school offers full boarding for students from the 3rd to the 12th standard. Aside from academics, the school has facilities for indoor and outdoor sports.

Podar International School is a reputed institution with an excellent reputation for providing top-notch education. It has been consistently ranked as one of the best international schools in India. This renowned institute offers a diverse curriculum focusing on learning and development of finer sensitivities for beauty.

The Podar Education Network manages a network of 139 international schools in India. Each of these schools follows an innovative teaching methodology. With the help of this network, students can easily re-enroll in the top schools in the country.

This educational network is aimed at fostering the development of each individual child in the globalized world. In addition to this, it also focuses on developing each child’s aptitude through various extra-curricular activities. Besides a diverse curriculum, the Podar schools also provide remedial learning for students who require additional help with challenging concepts.

The Podar schools are characterized by the use of modern technologies in teaching. Each of the schools has a dedicated teaching staff, equipped with the latest tools. These are backed by a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Podar International School has a sprawling campus. There are numerous facilities such as a library, science laboratories, and computer labs. All these facilities ensure that the students get an outstanding education.

The school also provides transportation services in some areas. Moreover, the school conducts an info session for prospective parents. During the info session, the parent will have the opportunity to tour the school and learn more about the school.


Delhi Public School is a private English medium institution in India, which has a large number of branches and campuses in different cities. The school is based on the NCERT/CBSE syllabus. It offers classes from pre-nursery to 12th grade.

DPS is an initiative by the Delhi Public School Society. It operates over 200 schools in different parts of the country. However, there are a number of “Core Schools” which are directly managed by the DPS Society.

One such school is DPS Gandhidham. This school was established in 2002. As part of its mission, it focuses on overall development of children and lays emphasis on motor and cognitive skills. In addition to this, it also offers courses in Science and Commerce.

Another school is Delhi Public School in Harni. This is a residential school. Besides offering classes from Nursery to Class XII, it has an impressive sports facility. It has facilities for basketball, tennis, roller skating, archery and badminton.

Aside from this, the school also provides cultural and extracurricular activities. The students are taught by experienced and well-versed teachers.

Apart from this, the school is also an affiliate of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). These schools provide a combination of academics and co-curricular activities.

Moreover, it has a well-developed infrastructure. Students are given opportunities to develop their hidden talents. Additionally, it has top-notch technology.

Other than this, the school also has a unique teaching methodology. As part of its curriculum, the school has a 2 year professional MBA program in International Business & Finance.

It is one of the most prestigious and renowned private English medium institutions in India.

R N Podar School

The R N Podar School is a 17 year old Private school located in the heart of Mumbai. It provides education from grade 1 to 12. Aside from traditional subjects, it also offers extra-curricular activities like gymnastics, sports, and music.

It is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and is co-educational. The curriculum is focused on problem-solving, analytical thinking, and application-oriented skills.

The school’s infrastructure includes science laboratories, art & craft laboratories, library, fully-equipped computer labs, play area, and sports facilities. This school aims to provide an innovative and competitive environment for its students.

The school also follows the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme. It has been consistently ranked as one of the top 10 international day schools in India. Moreover, it is also licensed to provide A levels from Cambridge Assessment International Education.

The school also has an innovative teaching methodology, namely the flipped classroom. By utilizing technology, it enables students to learn more easily and effectively.

The school’s motto is to provide a learning experience that inspires students to become creative and action-oriented. To help achieve this, the school employs top-notch teachers and provides a challenging curriculum.

In addition to the traditional syllabus, the school also emphasizes on life skills, such as leadership, communication, and self-management. Besides this, the school also encourages co-curricular activities such as choir, sports, and clubs.

The school is also well-equipped with an infirmary. Additionally, it also has a Semi-Olympic-sized swimming pool.

Aside from this, the school also provides a free campus tour and counselling for the parents. Moreover, it accepts online payments.

Lastly, the school also has an impressive library, including 13200 books.