Best CBSE Schools Near Me

As a parent, you must have been wondering about the best CBSE schools near me. This choice is essential to make your child’s educational life successful. Your child should be enrolled in a CBSE school that will nurture and encourage his/her passion and interests. Choosing the right school is crucial in building a successful life for your child and helping them plan a positive career from an early age. To see Nursery Schools Near Me¬†follow the link.

best cbse schools near me

Find Best CBSE Schools Near Me

All India Secondary School Certificate Exam (AISSE)

The All India Secondary School Certificate Exam (AISSE), commonly referred to as Class 12 Board Exams, is an annual examination for students in class 12 and class 13. The exams are conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education, a government agency. Students who pass the exam will receive a certificate indicating their completion of secondary education.

The AISSCE is an examination that measures student performance in subjects such as English, mathematics, and social studies. It is a national-level examination that is open to students of CBSE-affiliated schools in India. It requires students to have a solid grasp of English, mathematics, and social sciences as well as several optional subjects.

The AISSE is one of the most important examinations in the country. The examination is held by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) every year to determine the performance of schoolchildren in class 12. The AISSE is an important requirement for college admissions in India. Students affiliated with CBSE schools take preparation for it for two years.

The subjects covered in board exams are based on the stream students chose after Class 10th. The most common stream choices are PCM, PCB, arts, and commerce. Each of these streams has its own set of subjects for the AISSCE. Despite the many differences, every subject is evaluated on a 100-point scale. Students must pass at least 70% to pass the examination, or they will have to retake the examination. The scores from the AISSCE are used for admissions to many colleges, as well as for scholarships at some institutions.

The AISSCE is a three-hour examination. Students choose from a range of subjects that require both written and practical skills. Students who pass the examination will receive a Secondary School Completion Certificate, Statement of Marks, and a Migration Certificate. The former syllabus and grading structure were reinstated by the Central Board of Secondary Education in 2016-17.

Before the introduction of the AISSCE, students in India studied in a continuous and comprehensive evaluation system known as CCE. This was meant to ease the pressure on students. But, in the years since, the school year has been divided into two semesters. In each semester, students will take two formative and one summative test.

There are national and state boards in India that hold board examinations. The “All India Secondary School Certificate Exam (AISSE) is conducted by the CBSE, while the state boards in some states conduct examinations according to the local state board pattern. These examinations are similar to the UK’s General Certificate of Secondary Education.

In the past, the All India Secondary School Certificate Exam (AISSE), also known as board exams, was held at the end of each academic year. However, the new exam schedule, COVID-19, has changed the schedule of the exam. This year, the results are expected to be released in mid-July.

Top CBSE Schools in Chennai

If you’re thinking of sending your child to a CBSE school, there are several options available. Among the top CBSE schools in Chennai is the Chennai English Medium School. This private school has a strong focus on child centric education. It also aims to introduce the rich cultural values of India to its students. The school accepts students from Pre KG to grade VII.

When looking for a CBSE school, it’s important to compare the different offerings to find the right school for your child. This will help you weigh the pros and cons of each option. After all, you’ll want your child to have the best education possible, right? You can use a comparison website like Skoodos to evaluate the Top CBSE schools in Chennai, including their infrastructure, student-teacher ratio, and reviews.

While choosing a CBSE school, make sure to consider what extracurricular activities the school offers. Some schools offer sports and dance lessons to promote healthy living. Some schools have indoor sports coaching for various sports and some of the facilities at a CBSE school include well-ventilated classrooms, junior-level science labs, and an auditorium with LCD projectors. Students can also participate in outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, and nature walks.

The DAV Public School is one of the Top CBSE schools in Chennai. Established in 1970, this boys’ school enjoys a prestigious position among city schools. It has more than 3000 students and almost 140 teachers. The school promotes sports and has produced seven nationally ranked NCC cadets.

In addition to the academic excellence of its students, this CBSE school is also highly regarded for its exemplary environment. Its five-acre campus includes music theaters, art & craft studios, and large libraries. The school is also equipped with a robotics lab and a 3-D projector. It also has hassle-free transport facilities, making it a top choice among CBSE schools in Chennai.

NPS is another highly regarded school in the heart of Chennai. This English-medium school offers academic excellence and a comprehensive personality development program for students. With a campus spanning from Pre-KG through Grade XII, this CBSE school offers an excellent education for children. The school is affiliated to the CBSE and offers classes in English, Mathematics, and Physical Education.

CBSE schools are known for their excellent curriculum, which stresses on both physical and mental development. Students are encouraged to participate in sports and are encouraged to develop their creativity and patriotism. As a result, the curriculum at a CBSE school is designed to be kid-friendly and fun, which promotes motivation and interest in learning.

Another excellent CBSE school in Chennai is the Maharishi School of Excellence. Located in PTC Colony, Thiruverkadu, this school is one of the top CBSE schools in the city. Its state-of-the-art campus is large enough to accommodate 7000 students and boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure. The school blends Life-Vedic Science and Technology with extracurricular activities to create a balanced education.

Top CBSE schools in Mumbai

There are many top CBSE schools in Mumbai for your child to choose from. While selecting a school, you should be aware of the facilities, services, and infrastructure provided by each school. The following are some of the schools that offer the best CBSE education in Mumbai. The schools listed are those that have been in existence for at least seven years.

Army Public School: This school was established in 1984 under the Army Welfare Education Society to provide quality education to children of members of the armed forces and their dependents. This school offers both military and civilian entry and covers an area of almost 50 acres. The school provides a balance between academics and extracurricular activities to foster holistic development in students. This school has a highly committed core of dedicated teachers who have a wealth of knowledge in the field of education.

The Central Board Of Secondary Education is a national level board of education in India that oversees public and private schools. The board lays out curriculum that all schools follow. Top CBSE schools in Mumbai have an excellent reputation for providing students with an excellent education. There are many advantages to choosing a CBSE school for your child.

The school has a small teacher-to-student ratio that ensures personal attention. Orchids International School is a great choice if you are looking for a top CBSE school in Mumbai. It follows the CBSE curriculum and blends Indian and Western educational approaches for the complete development of each student. The school also offers extracurricular activities that promote confidence and give students an opportunity to showcase their skills.

Fees for Top CBSE schools in Mumbai can vary from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 4 lakh per year. The fees for good schools in Mumbai typically fall under this range. However, you should be aware of the fees structure before selecting a school. If you plan on enrolling your child at a CBSE school, it is essential to check the fee structure before selecting a school.

Ryan International School is another option for top CBSE schools in Mumbai. This international school has been in operation for over 40 years and offers a world class CBSE curriculum. They also focus on developing a child’s personality through social values. In addition to offering top quality education, Ryan International School is among the best CBSE schools in Mumbai.

The Podar Education Group has a legacy of honesty and integrity. This organization operates a range of schools, from Podar Jumbo Kids to Podar International School. Students can choose from a variety of educational streams, from IGCSE to IBDP. They are equipped with modern facilities including a computer lab and science labs. There are several outdoor games and activities to choose from, as well.